Sunday, 6 May 2012

When Hillary meets Didi (guest post)

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 Today, the 6th of May, will be a date etched in Didi's memory. Not necessarily in Hillary's. Two women. One known for her mercurial temper and the other a survivor, a fighter. One known for how she alienated people and the other for how heroic personality. It's not going to end all well. The impending doom er.. interaction between the second most powerful woman in America and the Chief Minister of PoschimBongo is going to reverbarate for a while. Hillary will be here to discuss a host of things amongst FDI in retail and the Teesta water sharing deal, both of which is not exactly the best ways to break ice with Didi. In a world where American leaders have a long history of patronizing the powers behind the throne, this could be a huge leap for mankind. I doubt if Didi will ever be fully prepared for what will happen over the course of today. And for that one reason, Hillary should be prepared for Didi's tantrums. Diplomacy is a tightrope walk but if Hillary manages to get what her countrymen wants and still keep Didi smiling, then this could be the beginning of something beautiful. Either ways, the outcome of today's meeting is going to be interesting. We'll see if Hillary truly has what it takes to be a world leader. Cool, calm and in charge.

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  1. I have all doubts in Didi's capability to do anything sensible.