Monday, 9 December 2013

Congress 2013 Debacle

 With the magnificent victory in Delhi assembly elections, Kejriwal-led AAP has emerged as the second-largest party in Delhi assembly after the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) . It has not only shook the political order in Delhi assembly Election s but also forced the opposition to introspect their electoral show !

 Surprisingly the big giants have not understood that this is not the victory of any party but  a victory of the people of this country and a victory of democracy. As usual BJP has joined the Congress party who has been  living in  denial and became evident from from BJP/s claims that Congress got blown away in Modi storm . I have all my sympathies with Sheila Dikshit (the ex CM of Delhi) who despite the good work she has done in the capital had to bear the brunt and became the victim of the anger the people had for UPA  II . Its high time for BJP and particularly Congress to realise that you have to be among people to understand their needs  but both the parties seem to be completely disconnected from ground realities .  Cong , I believe kept away from the public out of nervousness after unfolding of several scams . Knowing the fact that human beings  have short memory, had they rather  connected more often with them , in  particular a commoner and  the youth of this country to understand  their anguish and  promised  not only to perform better but also taken measures to correct   their mistakes there was a chance of  better results in  the Assembly elections. Surprisingly they continued mudslinging on the opposition and introducing  populous  schemes  as a  measure to damage control.  What surprised me even more was Rahul Gandhi  who once upon a time was a YOUTH  ICON went into isolation who could actually have remained connected with the people and should have been there among them and not distanced himself completely. I also felt of late he has got into traditional way of politics , lambasting the opposition rather than talking about their own contribution and their Govt. manifesto.  Or was he lost in the scuffle of finding his very own  identity  and  emerge out of his Pappu image .  He was seen  trying hard  to project himself  like a tough  Modi  who being a good orator has an edge over Rahul . He must not ignore the fact that it is not necessary that a good orator can be a good states man and a good statesman does not need to be a good orator on the contrary have good spokes persons who are intelligent with excellent communication skills .In fact Rahul needs to go for personality development a finishing school, he needs to build back the  confidence that he had shown in his early political career to come out of complexes he  seems to be suffering from ever since the media started comparison  between Modi and him and with the kind of strong  political background he has  he should not allow opposition and the media affect him and be himself.

Yes  Cong certainly needs to learn a lesson from AAP that how imp ti is to remain connected with  public . Also  they need  hire a PR agency to create a better image for the party and make their brand acceptable that seems to have lost its shone . Above all deal strictly with tainted  leaders and of course a someone with strong  leadership  qualities to lead the party which of course  Rahul lacks 

Also AAP need to learn a lesson from the two giants not to forget  that people of this country had given the  mandate in their favour which is not performance based but have given them an opportunity to prove themselves   rather than behave like a bunch of arrogant leaders who have never tasted power before , in particular Kumar Vishwas who has already begun to behave like a  king ,who can not talk without pointing finger at the others  which is quite annoying . He also needs to mind his language as well as have the patience to hear others out   at least when he is on National television  . Not to forget its the people's power who brought Cong in to power and it is the same power that brought them down  and the same applies to him and every one else.