Thursday, 29 September 2011

anna storm rides india

 Recently India saw a storm brought about by a social activist Anna Hazare against corruption ,where a few thousand people gathered in Ram Lila Ground in Delhi The Indian Govt was held on ransome and made to bend till they agreed upon Anna's conditions exactly the way other political parties have done in past. I really wonder why doesnt Anna and party contest elections to eradicate corruption from the country , probably they know their weakness and dont want to come out as a  govt who failed !! Arvind Kejriwal one of Anna's supporter was asked the same question on one of news channels,to which came a weired reply,that no one can stop us from raising voice against the wrong doings by the Govt.Yeserday Kiran Bedi on one of the news channels questioned the performance of Delhi Police and every day one hour meeting of P Chidambram.My advice to Kiran Bedi is that rather than holding protests where all the Delhi Police was deployed to provide security and forcing P Chidambram to discuss Anna Hazzares protest matters for one month, she shold concentrate on eradicating terrorism in the country so that the Police and Home Minister of our country can perform their duties efficiently