Sunday, 8 January 2012

mayawati unveiled

Mayawati to be unveiled after elections has raised a lot of questions on election symbol of other political parties.Years back in 80s cong was forced to change cong symbol from a cow and a cub to a hand,at that time opposition had raised an objected to the cong party election symol . They considered it to be good enough to influence the  emotions of a voter. Now the opposition has objected to the elephants and king size statues of mayawati.Though the BSP has tried to prove their point and cited several examples and lambasted the opposition parties asking for justification of their own election symbols.

If we go point by point by her justification  aired yesterday on national television , that BJP also has a lotus as their election symbol would it also be asked it to remove it from the ponds , markets and temples, it was also suggested that bicycles which is an election symbol of samajwadi party, either be removed or veiled in that case . Attacking the Congress party and their  election symbol which is a hand  that each one of us have,that too not one but two of them so what does the election commisssion suggest in that case ?  where as her own statues are concerned BSP tried to defend by saying that several roads ,hospitals,roads also delhi airport have been named after the Gandhi family.

But little does she realise, that if we start veiling  the lotus and removing the bicycles from the markets and roads  ,we would also need to veil elephants in the wild  ,zoos and where as the hand is concerned we all will need to either chop off our hands or perhaps wear gloves but we shall still not be able to ignore the significance of our hands and keep staring at the hands under cover and curse her for having made us veil them and that would hit the emotions of a person even stronger.

I also wonder what does she have to say about the BSP engraved under the statues , and her comparison with Gandhis and other leaders is not quite convincing.if hospitals,roads or parks have been named after some leaders it has been either after they have been slain or  their death and that too were not made by their  ownselves in fact have been erected or named after , in their memory. it  needs to be conveyed to her that we certainly dont mind a couple of her statues or a hospital or a road  be named after her once she takes an exit from this world.right now her statues are coming heavely on us and some one needs to advise her to get rid of her bag that she holds in each of her statue or a poster ,it gives an impression that she probably seems to be clutching on to her bag which  has all the keys to her closet full of skeletons .


  1. UP Politics is a center stage of high drama and this is no exception.I am not going into who is right and who is wrong, but by creating statues of herself what does she try to portray?

  2. Noticed how her highness, the respected behenji, the queen of uttar pradesh and soon to be queen of all india, has started wearing pink at her press conferences?